Polyurethane parts

Our release agents for polyurethane foam ensure the highest part quality

Polyurethane foam is used in a vast number of different applications, processes and finished products, including applications such as;

  • Integral skin
  • PU spray skin
  • High resiliency foam for seating, acoustical, carpet and insulation back foaming
  • Visco-elastic Polyurethane products
  • Rigid foams for…
    • Energy absorbing applications
    • Insulation and refrigeration panels
    • Decorative faux wood and moldings
  • Dual density and density shoe soles
  • Isocyanate bound products
  • Cast elastomers
  • Microcellular urethane applications such as jounce bumpers

50 years of experience with process aids for polyurethane foam

At Chem-Trend, we understand the diversity between the many different uses of polyurethane foam and how those differences relate to our customer’s needs. Part de-molding, release and part or mold cleaning has a significant impact on the efficiency of your process and the quality of your products. With over 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing mold release agents and products for the polyurethane industry, Chem-Trend knows how to develop the right release products for your application.

Our history in the polyurethane foam molding industries started in 1960 with our first successes in developing release agents for automotive component manufacturers, producing the first mass produced polyurethane foam seat cushions. Our mold release agents played a significant role in increasing the efficiency of those manufacturer’s processes, allowing for the commercial success of polyurethane automotive seat cushions.

Our ability to support the polyurethane molding industry was enhanced even further in the late ‘90s when we purchased the Pura® brand of polyurethane release agent products. That acquisition allowed us to expand our range of products and technologies to provide our customers with an even broader range of solutions for their polyurethane molding issues.

Chem-Trend can custom formulate mold release agents, mold cleaners, mold preparation pastes, anti-squeak products and flushing solvents to add productivity, quality and overall value to your bottom line.

If the application that you are involved in is not on this list, contact us and we can review your process together to determine a custom solution for your unique process.

Mold Release Agents for Polyurethane Foam

Our mold release agents have provided a competitive advantage to the largest and smallest polyurethane foam molding operations alike with both water- and solvent-based release agent solutions that can maximize productivity while meeting the most demanding specifications and operating conditions. Chem-Trend release agents for polyurethane foam provide:

Excellent part release – We understand that the parts must not just come out of the mold, but must de-mold easily and without defects. Chem-Trend formulates our products to strike the perfect balance between release ease and part quality – no matter what your molding application.

Optimal surface finish quality – Let us help you meet your customers’ requirements. We can customize our mold release agents to provide a variety of surface finishes. Do you need an open-cell surface? No problem. Do you need your surface to be dry, without a tacky, greasy or sticky feeling? We can help with technologies developed to provide optimal release ease while eliminating that sticky, greasy or tacky feeling you get from conventional mold release agents.

Compatibility with secondary operations – Are you gluing or painting your parts after molding? Chem-Trend products are compatible with these types of secondary operations. In some cases, by switching to our products, we can help you eliminate a post-mold cleaning or preparation step before your secondary operation.

Lower scrap rates – By using our release agents we can help you improve your release ease and part surface finish, which will lead to lower scrap rates and re-work.

Cleaner molds – Our mold release agents are designed to produce as little build-up in the mold as possible. We make sure to balance our products’ slip and barrier properties to prevent part sticking and urethane build-up in the molds.

Less downtime – Because our mold release agents create less build-up, you won’t need to clean your mold as often. A properly designed release agent, combined with good technical support to ensure proper application, means less build-up, easier to remove residues, and ultimately less down time.

Higher quality parts – We customize our products to your specific requirements. Lower build-up on tooling and less sticky, greasy residues makes for higher quality parts and satisfied customers.

Water-based, No/Low VOC emissions, Cleaner Safer Working Environments – Are you in a region that has strict VOC regulations and air quality permitting? Do you need products that are non-flammable and safer for workers? Chem-Trend has developed a portfolio of products that are water-based, low VOC or even VOC-free. Not only do these products provide you with a solution to lowering your VOC and making your work place safer, they also provide optimal performance – just like the solvent-based products you’re used to. Read our case study, A Clean Approach to VOC Requirements.

Tin-free formulations where required – Do your customers or manufacturing regions require your processing chemicals to be tin free? We have tin free formulations that have the same performance as our tin containing formulations that allow you to meet regulatory requirements without sacrificing performance, quality, and appearance.

Mold Cleaners for Polyurethane Foam

Chem-Trend offers a complete line of mold cleaners designed to address the needs of virtually any type of polyurethane manufacturing process. Chem-Trend® mold cleaners are formulated to powerfully but safely attack resinous mold build-up. These highly engineered cleaners are designed to remove waxes, silicones, contaminants, polyurethane and polyurea residues from both pre-production mold preparation and on-line molding applications. Mold cleaners can be supplied as a liquid or a gel depending on your process. By using our mold cleaners, some customers have eliminated the need for dry ice blasting which can be both expensive and noisy.

Mold Sealers and Preparation Pastes for Polyurethane Foam

Chem-Trend® Sealers and Preparation Pastes provide a durable barrier to prevent mechanical and chemical bonding during molding operations. These products are an excellent solution in preparing new tooling and provide an effective base for enhancing release for difficult-to-release mold surfaces. Chem-Trend® mold sealers and pastes have been formulated to work most efficiently in a system approach in combination with Chem-Trend® release agents in pre-production or on-line production touch-up applications.

Spray Foam Insulation Release for Polyurethane Foam

Chem-Trend has developed a unique Insulation Release product that is a blend of specialized parting agents, specifically designed to prevent spray polyurethane foam insulation from adhering to most surfaces where the product is applied. Our Insulation Release acts as an effective barrier coat to keep overspray of polyurethane foam insulation from adhering to items such as spray equipment, tub & shower stalls and other non-porous surfaces. Chem-Trend’s Insulation Release was developed to increase the efficiency of polyurethane spray foam operations but should not be applied to personal protective equipment. Request a product data sheet.

Spray Foam Insulation Remover for Polyurethane Foam

Chem-Trend has developed an Insulation Remover that works as a powerful stripping agent that attacks and removes insulation foam. Our Insulation Remover effectively removes urethane resins from metal equipment surfaces. Insulation Remover is recommended for bare metal surfaces and should not be used on polymeric (plastic) or painted surfaces unless the surface has been carefully checked for resistance. Request a product data sheet.

Low Pressure Mixing Head Flush Solvents for Polyurethane Foam

Chem-Trend® head flush solutions can be used to effectively clean out the mixing head chamber in certain low pressure processing applications. Our head flush solutions are the most powerful, easy-to-handle resin removers available for polyurethane systems. Long cleaning down times between successive shots can be eliminated with these highly efficient, fast drying solvents. For customers using different colored PU systems through the same mix head, Chem-Trend’s head flushing products can help minimize scrap between color changes. In addition, these head flushing products offer a safe, more environmentally friendly solution to standard solvents.

Anti-Squeak Products for Polyurethane Foam

Chem-Trend offers anti-squeak products, which are water-based and are applied to eliminate squeak where rubbing could cause noises that might be heard by the end user. Chem-Trend has proven solutions to help you meet your customers’ requirements for noise reduction.

When you purchase Chem-Trend products you get much more than products

When you purchase our polyurethane molding release agents and other molding aids you also gain access to a worldwide support network of industry professionals committed to providing the right product for your application. Due to our long history in the industry and years of direct production floor experience, we can also help you optimize your mold release application and cleaning processes to improve your bottom line. We can help recommend process, product and application changes to maximize your savings. Our sales and technical service experts are available locally to our customers through a global network of offices.

Our main polyurethane release product Research and Development Center is located in Howell, Michigan. We have additional polyurethane release product development laboratories in Europe along with additional polyurethane technical service laboratories in South America and Asia. These facilities are an excellent example of our commitment to providing customers with greater value. Our test facilities house equipment allowing us to simulate our customers’ processes during the product development phase that enables us to evaluate performance and quality before products reach you. These investments were made so you know that when you choose Chem-Trend you are getting high quality, world tested products ready to solve your unique processing challenges.

We are proud to be an active member of The Center for the Polyurethanes Industry of the American Chemistry Council and use our membership to keep up to date on the latest trends and technologies within the industry. We know you’re always thinking ahead and we want to be prepared to help you through the challenges of your next technology leap.

Contact us so that we can help you address your polyurethane molding challenges while increasing the efficiency and lowering the costs of your molding operations.

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