Wood fiber

Challenges of Pressing Wood Fibers

The use of wood fibers for pressing and forming into panels, doors, door and window frames, decorative molding and other related building, construction and furniture related materials occurs around the globe. Particle board, every type of fiber-board and strand board can all be pressed from a wide variety of different types of wood fibers. The wood fibers themselves that are utilized in forming and pressing operations can also come in a wide variety of sizes and consistencies. The wide diversity of the raw material, combined with differences in processing machinery, additional materials utilized, such as resins, and the environmental and regulatory conditions of the processing location all present challenges to the manufacturer.

Chem-Trend understands that the process of pressing wood fibers incorporates many variables that can affect the quality of your end product and the efficiency of your operation. Often, those variables also interrelate with – and are impacted by – the release agent or plate/platten sealer that is used during the process. Today, those variables and challenges are becoming even more pronounced with the increasing progression of controls on formaldehyde emissions. We understand these issues and have developed a comprehensive range of mold release agents that can handle the challenges faced in forming and pressing wood fibers. Learn more about what we can do to help your wood fiber operation.

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Case Study:

  • Wood Composites: faster, safer, better.

    Wood Composites: faster, safer, better.

    See how Chem-Trend was able to solve several issues such as buildup and smoke development at a global leader in composite wood manufacturing.

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