Chem-Trend products for materials and processes

Unique molding and casting solutions developed for your process and material.

The Chem-Trend portfolio of products offers advanced technology and extreme value across an incredibly diverse landscape of material and process applications. Our products have been developed by working hands-on with our customers to improve their molding and casting of a wide range of materials. As technology moves and new processes are developed we are at the forefront of establishing advanced products to aid organizations just like yours to get the greatest efficiency and highest quality results from their molding and casting operations.

  • By Material

    Chem-Trend has over 5 decades of experience making release agents and other processing aids to work with a wide range of materials. What type of material are you working with?

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  • By Process

    Chem-Trend has shop floor experience, and a range of products, that covers over two-dozen different molding, forming and casting operations. Which one are you involved in?

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