Rubber Expo 2011

October 11, 2011 - October 13, 2011

Chem-Trend continues its long affiliation with the American Chemical Society through our participation in the Rubber Expo 2011. Chem-Trend’s experienced rubber industry specialists will be available to meet in booth #856 with our distribution partner, H.M. Royal. They will discuss our latest technological advancements in products designed to enhance silicone rubber and mandrel lube manufacturer’s competitiveness in the marketplace.

The Rubber expo offers unique opportunities for traditional rubber and polymer companies to gather with those that are adopting the use of advanced materials to improve their processes, production and research. Visitors to the event represent a wide range of industries: health care, automotive, aerospace, energy, and others. During the exposition, the Rubber Division, ACS will continue to offer technical symposia and educational workshops in rubber and polymer research, applications, technology and business while adding others in advanced biomaterials, research and applications relating to the healthcare industry.

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