MAPP Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference

MAPP Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference

October 16, 2014 - October 17, 2014

With over 50 years of industry-leading experience, Chem-Trend has a history of delivering the highest-quality products and service. Visit us at the MAPP Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference to learn more about our newest technologies designed to drive performance for today's plastics manufacturers to compete in the global marketplace.

The 2014 Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference, hosted by the MAPP (Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors), is a venue for leaders within the plastics industry to connect and exchange the latest market developments. The event is designed to help plastics companies improve their operations and tactics in order to impact their bottomline. This year's conference will address leadership, operational best practices, the latest financial benchmarks, sales, marketing and more.

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