The 12th International Exhibition on Rubber Technology

The 12th International Exhibition on Rubber Technology

November 14, 2012 - November 16, 2012

Chem-Trend develops customized solutions for specific challenges caused by the variety of raw materials and process parameters found in manufacturing environments. With its 50-year history in advanced mold release products and chemical process aids, Chem-Trend is well positioned to meet the challenges ahead. Visit us in booth no. 3B413 to learn how our expertise can lend solutions to your application.

Asian Essen Tire Show hosts a truly international exchange platform for Chinese tire and related industries. The tires exhibition successfully introduced a new show to tire manufacturers and traders, with a guiding principle to “promote the brand and the promotion of trade.” In 2008, the Asian Essen Tire Show launched with a focus on marketization and internationalization of Chinese tire enterprises. The show facilitates the expansion of the tire brand's global recognition and promotes international exchange and cooperation throughout the tire industry and the economy, resulting in a powerful engine.

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