Chem-Trend Introduces Next Generation of Water-Based Release Agents for Back Foaming Processes

December 07, 2012

Enhanced Product Offerings Improve Surface Finish, Release and Foam Flow

Howell, Mich., Dec. 5, 2012 – Chem-Trend, a global supplier singularly focused on release agents, has introduced its latest innovations for the back foaming industry to improve customers’ molding processes. The next generation of Chem-Trend’s water-based release agents provide a drier surface finish, better release and improved foam flow to reduce the amount of polyurethane needed to make a part.

“In the past, it was difficult to eliminate the greasy, sticky residue left on a finished part surface by the release agent without sacrificing the formula’s ability to release the part well,” said Amanda Pugh, business development director – polyurethane. “With our next generation of release agents for back foaming processes, we can not only deliver a drier surface, but we’ve actually improved the ability to release while maintaining low build-up.”

By improving foam flow, the new release agents also lower customers’ costs by reducing the amount of polyurethane needed. Because the enhanced formula leaves little residue, it means a cleaner working environment and less downtime needed to clean the mold.

“Our technical and manufacturing experts spend thousands of hours on our customers’ plant floors around the world, so we really understand their challenges. We recognize that they have increasing pressure for part quality and operational efficiency,” Pugh said. “As a reflection of our commitment to continuous improvement, our next-generation water-based mold release agents provide a competitive advantage to back foam manufacturers.”

Chem-Trend offers a comprehensive line of release agents, mold cleaners, mold sealers and preparation pastes for the polyurethane industry. As the world’s leading release agent company, the company can custom-formulate processing solutions that improve productivity, quality and costs.

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