Chem-Trend Introduces Products for Die Casting Industry

February 10, 2010

Howell, Michigan, USA – Chem-Trend L.P. (Chem-Trend) a global manufacturer of release agents and other process chemical specialties for the die casting and other manufacturing industries, announced the next generation Safety-Lube® die lubricants, plunger lubricants in its Power-Lube® line, and a new dilution monitoring system. The newly developed products, which will be exhibited at Cast Expo 2010, March 20 – 23, in Orlando, Fla., help to increase the competitiveness of die casting customers and deliver cost effective solutions to the production challenges facing the industry.

New die casting alloys and processes

New materials and processes are being integrated into the die casting industry to meet the demands of increasingly complex and critical components. These new alloys, new casting processes and new machines all have different requirements for die lubrication. Chem-Trend addresses these challenges with its newest Safety-Lube® die lubricants. The new Safety-Lube® products are designed to perform at high efficiency, and reduce waste without impacting performance. New operating conditions, including higher die temperatures and shorter spray application times, can be addressed effectively by these new products.

Next generation plunger lubricants

Chem-Trend’s Power-Lube® plunger lubricants help extend shot sleeve and plunger tip life, reducing down time. The newly introduced Power-Lube® 760 and Power-Lube® 761 were designed with the environment in mind, while delivering improved economic performance for the die caster. The high efficiency of these new products significantly reduces the lubricant consumption per shot, while reduced flame and smoke emissions also improve the work environment.

Effective dilution monitoring

Chem-Trend is also introducing its new Dilution Monitoring Device (DMD), which will be on display at the show. The Dilution Monitoring Device provides automatic control of the dilution ratio of the die lubricant and continuously updates dilution information to plant supervisors and management. Out of process specification variations in dilution are immediately communicated for corrective actions. The DMD increases process control and aids in reducing down time.

Chem-Trend’s products are developed in close cooperation with its customers. Chem-Trend’s expertise in the development and manufacture of high quality products for the die casting industry, coupled with onTrsite consulting by highly experienced sales representatives and an extensive company support network, allows development of customized casting solutions. At CastExpo ’10, Chem-Trend’s experts will be available to answer individual questions on Chem-Trend’s products for the die cast industry.

About Chem-Trend

Chem-Trend, celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2010, is a global organization with sales offices in 17 countries and distributors in more than 50 countries that are supported by their headquarters in Michigan. Chem-Trend has a singular focus of formulating and manufacturing innovative chemical specialties for use in the die casting, rotational molding, general rubber, polyurethane, tire, thermoplastic and composite industries. By becoming directly involved in the customer's process Chem-Trend applies its knowledge and development expertise to provide the customer with customized solutions to problems and to improve productivity. At the core of its business are industry-standard mould release agents, die lubricants, tire paints and purging compounds engineered to maximize productivity while delivering high-quality finished parts. For information about Chem-Trend products, visit

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