Chem-Trend Introduces Trio of Silicone-Free Inside Tire Paints

Chem-Trend Introduces Trio of Silicone-Free Inside Tire Paints

February 05, 2015

Chem-Trend, a global leader in the development and production of high-performance release agents and casting lubricants, is introducing three new silicone-free inside tire paints that will save manufacturers time and money by simplifying the downstream cleaning required on some tires. Chem-Trend will feature the new products at the Tire Technology Expo in Cologne, Germany, Feb. 10 – 12, 2015.

“Chem-Trend continues to lead the industry with a wide range of tire curing release products that help our customers increase productivity,” said Doug Butcher, senior business development director for tire at Chem-Trend. “These new water-based inside tire paints allow manufacturers to efficiently introduce new product innovation, such as self-sealing tires, that improve safety and mobility for their customers.”

Butcher said that an additional advantage for manufacturers using Chem-Trend’s non-silicone inside tire paints, is the elimination of aggressive chemicals that are typically used to remove residues of inside paint from cured tires prior to the application of sealants. Doing so provides the plant with a significant environmental benefit.

Chem-Trend’s ready-to-use, silicone-free products allow tire manufacturers to easily perform additional downstream applications, such as adding layers of puncture sealant or adhesive to affix noise-absorbing inserts or electronic sensors. Formerly, a lengthy and costly cleaning process was required to remove any silicone residue before such materials could be applied. Using the silicone-free chemistry, only a simple water wash is required to remove any remaining product from the inner-liners of cured tires before such operations. In some cases, no washing is necessary. This results in a significant cost savings that benefits the plant environment and improves production efficiency.

The new line of silicone-free products represent three categories of inside tire paints used in the process of curing tires:

  • Unfilled inside tire paint: Applied to the inside of each tire prior to curing to provide outstanding slip and tire uniformity.
  • Filled inside tire paint: Specifically formulated to deliver maximum slip and air bleed.
  • Durable unfilled tire paint: Creates a reservoir of slip-and-release functionality on the curing bladder surface, allowing the release of several untreated tires between applications.

Chem-Trend delivers the largest range of inside tire paints to the tire industry and will continue to manufacture both silicone and non-silicone formulations.

“Although these new products are not based on silicone chemistry, they provide a level of slip and release that tire manufacturers require to ensure low defect levels,” said Butcher.

Learn from Chem-Trend experts about the new silicone-free inside tire paints along with the company’s full range of tire curing products at its booth (#4140) at Tire Technology Expo in Cologne, Germany, Feb. 9 – 11, 2015, and at

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