Lusin® Clean 1060 and Lusin® Clean 1061 reduce scrap and cost

Chem-Trend’s New, Efficient Purging Compounds Improve Plastic Bottle Caps, Closures Production

August 28, 2015

Lusin® Clean 1060/61 reduces scrap/cost, improves throughput and is food-grade compliant

Howell, Mich., Aug. 28, 2015 – Chem-Trend, a global leader in specialty release agent solutions across multiple industries and applications, is saving plastic bottle caps and closures manufacturers time and money with its Lusin® Clean 1060 and Lusin® Clean 1061 purging compounds. The new and highly efficient Lusin® Clean 1060 was specifically developed to eliminate the scrap resulting from material and color changes by cleaning screws, cylinders, nozzles and hotrunner systems in injection and compression molding machines. Lusin® Clean 1061 prevents black spot formation by cleaning injection and compression molding machines used for caps and closures production.

Color or material changes in producing polyolefin beverage caps and closures production often result in costly scrap and manufacturing interruptions. Chem-Trend’s new products reduce scrap resulting from color changes in the manufacturing process, remove resins that lead to black spot contamination, as well as reduce the time required to clean machine parts.

“Lusin® Clean 1060 and 1061 are perfect examples of Chem-Trend developing uniquely tailored solutions for highly specialized applications,” said Antje Scholl, Chem-Trend’s global business development director for thermoplastics. “For decades, thermoplastics manufacturers have come to count on the Lusin® brand as a vital business partner. Together with our customers, Chem-Trend is successfully meeting the increasingly stringent quality, environmental and process efficiency requirements across all industries. Today’s announcement is particularly important to the highly sensitive food-processing business sector.”

Lusin® Clean 1060 quickly removes residue from injection molding machines. That makes it the perfect purging compound for use in manufacturing processes that perform frequent color or material changes. It reduces scrap resulting from color changes in the manufacturing process, as well as the time required to clean machine parts, thus reducing production downtime. It provides up to 50 percent potential savings when compared with color changes done with virgin resin.

Lusin® Clean 1061, a complement to Lusin® Clean 1060, is designed for machine cleaning prior to scheduled downtime and weekends to ensure a scrap-free startup. It is specifically formulated to remove resins left on machine parts that, if left for extended periods of time, lead to black spot contamination.

Lusin® Clean 1060 and Lusin® Clean 1061 are compliant with European Plastics Regulation 10/2011 and, according to FDA regulations, are considered safe for use as purging compounds in the production of articles intended for food contact applications, and therefore are perfect for use in the food packaging industry. They meet the stringent quality, environmental and process efficiency requirements of today’s competitive market. Both products are also perfect for use with all HDPEs, effective up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit (290 degrees C) and are hotrunner safe.

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Chem-Trend's new, efficient purging compounds improve plastic bottle caps and closure production, and are food-grade compliant. Learn more about how they can save time and money for your operations.

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