Chem-Trend Saves Time and Costs with New Thermoplastic Elastomers Processing Compound

October 26, 2011

New purging compound Lusin® Clean 1020 perfect for thorough cleaning of extruders and injection molding machines

Howell, Michigan – With Lusin® Clean 1020, Chem-Trend introduces a new purging compound for the cleaning of extruders and injection molding machines in the processing of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE’s).

The new purging compound helps to solve process-related problems with color and material changes and eliminates “black specks.” Lusin® Clean 1020 has been NSF H2 registered, making it suitable for the manufacture of products that are subject to particularly stringent hygiene requirements.

The ready-for-use granulate has been successfully tested by leading industry manufacturers. Compared to conventional cleaning processes and products, the use of Lusin® Clean 1020 can lead to cost reductions of 50 to 70 percent related to material consumption, downtime and scrap rates. These savings may vary, depending on the manufacturing process and specific conditions. Lusin® Clean 1020 can be used in hot runners and has been used very successfully with products such as toothbrushes and thermoplastic hoses.

“With the development of Lusin® Clean 1020, Chem-Trend once again offers a new, tailored solution for a highly specialized application,” said René Gräwe, Chem-Trend’s global business development director for thermoplastics. “For many years now, Chem-Trend has been a partner that thermoplastics manufacturers can count on. Together with our customers, we are successfully meeting the increasingly stringent quality, environmental and efficiency requirements of the thermoplastics processing industry.”

Chem-Trend’s portfolio for the thermoplastics industry includes release agents, anti-corrosion agents, mold cleaners, surface cleaners, and surface degreasers. With Lusin® Clean 1020, Chem-Trend further expands its portfolio of highly efficient purging compounds.

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