Chem-Trend® Series 8000 Release Agents  Designed to Increase Efficiency of OSB P

Chem-Trend® Series 8000 Release Agents Designed to Increase Efficiency of OSB Production

August 20, 2015

Chem-Trend, a global leader in the development and production of high-performance release agents and casting lubricants, recently launched its Chem-Trend® Series 8000 line for oriented strand board (OSB) producers. The customizable line of release agents is specially engineered for pMDI applications and the variances found between different manufacturing operations.

OSB producers are increasingly utilizing pMDI resins to improve production rates, quality and speed. To address these concerns, Chem-Trend® Series 8000 belt sprays are purposely formulated for individual needs regardless of manufacturing conditions, such as temperature, humidity, equipment type and wood stock.

By improving release performance and reducing buildup, the product line diminishes the frequency and duration of manual or chemical cleaning. Chem-Trend® Series 8000 products not only extend equipment lifecycles, they also offer a low application rate for further reduction in overall operating costs. Other benefits that help increase productivity and reduce costs include:

  • Extremely clean pressing belts for continuous operations
  • Very light-colored board
  • Faster processing times  
  • Higher production rates 
  • Safe and easy to use

The line also offers a comprehensive range of water-based release agents to overcome challenges found in wood fiber pressing applications. Because wood fiber varies by region and binder needs differ by manufacturer, each application solution is developed as a customized formulation. Chem-Trend® Series 8000 products can be tailored for any wood species or special process need – and are available in drums, totes and bulk deliveries to meet the often large requirements of each individual customer.

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