Chem-Trend Showcases Innovative Products and Global Reach at Tire Technology Expo 2012

February 09, 2012

Highlights Include Specially Formulated Mold Coatings for Winter Tires and High-Performance Specialty Filled Inside Paints for Increased Bladder Life

Cologne, Germany, Feb. 9, 2012 – With tire manufacturers being faced with demands such as the continual expansion of facilities across the globe and an increase in production of winter tires that are difficult to demold, Chem-Trend, the world’s leading supplier of tire release agents to the global tire industry,will exhibit its solutions for the industry’s biggest challenges at the Tire Technology Expo 2012 Feb. 14-16 in Cologne.

Global Locations

As tire manufacturers build plants in regions all over the world – and especially in emerging countries such as those of BRIC – and strive to make sure that they produce to the same high-quality standards no matter where they are located, the need for strong global suppliers becomes tantamount. Chem-Trend is expanding its global capabilities to meet the needs of tire manufacturing customers all over the world by increasing production capacity in facilities in China, South America, India and Europe, and adding new equipment and new production vessels at key regional manufacturing units. This means shorter lead times and faster response in Asia, India and Brazil, as well as the continuous supply of products in Europe.

“Chem-Trend is the only global supplier completely focused on release and ancillary processing chemicals for the molding of tires,” said Doug Butcher, business development director – Tires. “Our global presence ensures that our sales and technical service experts are available locally to our customers.”

Winter Tire De-Molding

Chem-Trend has developed a new line of tire mold coatings to improve the release of winter tires, which are notoriously difficult to de-mold because of their sticky tread compounds and complicated tread patterns. Using custom-modified laboratory equipment and specially created software, Chem-Trend chemists simulated the curing process of these complex tires and optimised the specific properties required for better de-molding.

“Because each of our laboratories is dedicated to an industry segment, we can really focus on what is currently challenging that industry,” Butcher explained. “In that way, Chem-Trend acts as an extension of our customers’ R&D staff.”

Bladder Life

Chem-Trend developed a new bladder coating that cures at room temperature in two hours. Long-lasting bladders help keep costs down, and Chem-Trend’s highly durable, high abrasion-resistant film provides protection to the bladder surface against chemical and abrasive attack. Butcher notes that customers are noting a bladder life increase of up to 40 percent and fewer curing-related defects.

High-Performance Specialty Filled Inside Paints

UHP tires are becoming a higher percentage of the total passenger car tire mix, particularly in Europe. These tires, due to their low profile shape, construction and high appearance/quality demands, tend to be more difficult to manufacture. Chem-Trend’s high-performance specialty water-based filled inside paints are formulated to allow for lower coating weights compared to conventional filled inside tire paints, which improves finished tire appearance. These paints also offer significantly enhanced bladder life when compared to conventional filled inside paints and greatly reduced defect levels – an ongoing challenge in tire manufacturing.

“The tire industry is constantly changing. New regulations, trends and technologies all affect our customers’ processes,” Butcher concluded. “Our technical and manufacturing experts spend thousands of hours on plant floors around the globe, giving us the deep insight to understand and address these challenges before they even become a problem.” 

Chem-Trend can be found in booth #8150 during the Tire Technology Expo, Feb. 14-16 in Cologne, Germany.

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