Chem-Trend Showcases Solutions for the Polyurethane Industry at UTECH Europe 2012

April 17, 2012

Enhanced Product Offerings Maintain High-Quality Results While Reducing Environmental Impact

MAASTRICHT, Netherlands, April 17, 2012 – Chem-Trend, a global supplier singularly focused on release agents, will exhibit its solutions for the polyurethane industry’s biggest challenges in booth #1700 at UTECH Europe 2012, April 17-19 in Maastricht, Netherlands. Chem-Trend will showcase new options for integral skin foam molding, water-based options and tin-free formulations.

“The polyurethane industry is constantly changing. New regulations, trends and technologies all affect our customers’ processes,” said Amanda Pugh, business development director – Polyurethane. “Our technical and manufacturing experts spend thousands of hours on plant floors around the globe, giving us the deep insight to understand how these changes will affect our customers’ processes so we can quickly develop effective solutions.”

New Options for Integral Skin Foam Molding
Chem-Trend’s water-based and wax-free solutions for integral skin foam manufacturing provide a proper finished surface appearance, whether low-gloss or high-gloss, on the molded part while meeting customers’ manufacturing, environmental and safety requirements. “Because we understand our customers’ specific process and requirements, we can customize water-based and wax-free solutions that provide a consistent surface appearance and gloss with no marring,” said Pugh. “These solutions maximize productivity and provide cleaner and safer working environments while meeting the most demanding specifications and operating conditions.” Chem-Trend also offers a complete line of mold cleaners, mold sealers and preparation pastes designed to address the specific challenges of the integral skin molding processing.

Water-based Products with No or Low VOC Emissions
Chem-Trend offers low-VOC and VOC-free products that meet regulations in the European Union and elsewhere, limiting volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Chem-Trend’s water-based mold release agents successfully replace the solvent-based mold release agents in production while maintaining part quality requirements.

“Our water-based products perform to the same high standard as solvent-based products, and they’re developed to have minimal, if any, process changes for our customers,” Pugh said.

Chem-Trend plans to increase production of water-based products this year to meet increasing demands.

Tin-free Formulations
Chem-Trend products for polyurethane applications meet recent demands, such as in the footwear industry, to eliminate heavy metals from manufacturing processes. Chem-Trend offers tin-free release agents that perform as well as formulations that contain tin.

“The scientists in our polyurethane laboratory understand the complexities of polyurethane molding, so we can really focus on what is currently challenging our customers and finding a solution,” Pugh said. “In that way, Chem-Trend acts as an extension of our customers’ R&D staff.”

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