Increased Process Efficiency for Die Casting Operations

November 08, 2011

Chem-Trend at the Euroguss 2012 in Nuremberg, hall 7A, stand 306

Maisach, Germany – At the Euroguss 2012, in hall 7A, stand 306, Chem-Trend will present its next generation Chem-Trend® SL branded die lubricants, as well as the latest plunger lubricant systems and plunger lubricants of the Chem-Trend® PL line. Chem-Trend’s products for the die casting industry help customers to increase process efficiency and to bring down production costs. The newly developed products help to further reduce scrap rates in casting facilities and to measurably improve the quality of the casted products.

New water less die lubricants reduce cycle times

Chem-Trend’s Safety-Lube® SL branded die lubricants have long been known as excellent products for the die casting industry. The latest generation of Chem-Trend® SL die lubricants allows the application of the die lubricant coating at higher temperatures. Since the mould surface does not have to cool down to the same extent as with traditional die lubricants, the use of the new Chem-Trend® SL products reduces cycle times considerably. Moreover, Chem-Trend® SL water less die lubricants can be used at high temperatures without negative impact on the lubricant coating in middle and low temperature ranges. Their broader wetting capability ensures safe casting operations even for non homogeneously tempered casting moulds, preventing the adhesion of metal to mould. In addition, the new technology allows die casters to save time and costs associated with waste water treatments because the product can be applied in a very low amount.

Chem-Trend® SL products are for example used in the production of complex structural components. Since they leave behind only marginal residue in the casting structure, the new Chem-Trend® SL products are particularly well suited for the manufacture of castings which in a later process are coated or joined by welding or gluing.

Next generation plunger lubricants

Chem-Trend® PL branded plunger lubricants help to extend shot component life and to reduce down times. The newly developed Chem-Trend® PL 723 is a plunger lubricant of high viscosity, which helps to improve the quality of the casted products by ensuring an even mould filling. The new plunger lube is environmentally sound because it is formulated using specific biodegradable raw materials. In addition, Chem-Trend Power Lube® 723 minimizes flame- and smoke emissions at the casting machine. An application system helps to avoid contamination in the area of the shot component, making for a cleaner and safer working environment. A further benefit is the „microdosage plunger lubrication“ by which a reduction of lubricant quantities of up to 50 percent can be achieved, lowering the lubrication costs significantly.

Next generation – solvent free, water free zinc die lubricants

Chem-Trend® SL solvent and water free zinc die lubricants represent the latest innovation in terms of release agents for zinc alloys. The new release agent concept allows for improved safety conditions in the work environment due to the drastically reduced quantity needed to be applied to every shot and the subsequent reduction in potential flammability. Moreover, the use of these kinds of products allows for the production of better cast parts with a shiny surface which is compatible with the vast majority of paints for further surface treatments such as painting or galvanisation.

Chem-Trend’s products are developed in close cooperation with customers and research institutions. Chem-Trend’s competence in the development and manufacturing of high quality products for the die casting industry, coupled with on site consulting by their highly experienced sales technicians, helps to develop customized solutions in order to increase process efficiency and reduce production costs. At the Euroguss 2012 Chem-Trend’s experts will be available to answer individual questions on Chem-Trend’s products.

Chem-Trend – more than 50 Years of Release Innovation

Chem-Trend is a leading global manufacturer of process chemical specialties with a main focus on high-performance mould release agents. Chem-Trend develops mould release agents used for the production of moulded components made of composites, rubber, thermoplastics, or polyurethane, Die lubricants for application in the Die casting industry, as well as purging compounds and inside and outside tyre paints. In addition, Chem-Trend manufactures specialized ancillary products, such as mould maintenance products, mould cleaners and mould sealers for the individual industries. Chem-Trend has celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010.

Chem-Trend has manufacturing sites and sales offices around the globe. By means of a dedicated sales force and global distribution network, Chem-Trend reaches almost all geographic markets where significant levels of manufacturing take place. Chem-Trend’s global customers benefit from the long lasting experience of Chem-Trend’s experts in regard to the materials used in the different production processes, as well as from its comprehensive service network.

Since 2004, Chem-Trend has been part of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities SE & Co. KG, a member of the Freudenberg Group of Companies based in Weinheim, Germany. Production sites in Germany include Norderstedt near Hamburg, and Maisach near Munich. Maisach is also home to the European headquarters, as well as the global product development for thermoplastic products. Chem-Trend’s global headquarters are located in Howell, Michigan, USA.

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