Low dosage lubrication reduces costs and improves environmental protection and w

Low dosage lubrication reduces costs and improves environmental protection and work safety

November 26, 2015

New MicroDoseTM plunger lubricants significantly decrease consumption, extend service life and increase component quality

Maisach, 26 November 2015 - With its new MicroDoseTM plunger lubricant product line, Chem-Trend is tackling a wide range of pressure die-casting challenges. Developed specifically for low dosage lubrication of plungers and shot chambers, the new lubricants not only add to better component quality without inclusions and surface defects, they also reduce fumes and soot and significantly minimise the risk of flaming. The outstanding lubricating properties of the new plunger lubricants also extend the service life of plungers and shot chamber systems.

"With a combination of a special liquid lubricant and a custom designed dosing unit, Chem-Trend's new MicroDoseTM plunger lubricant system provides optimum plunger and shot chamber system lubrication", explains John Belyk, business development director - die cast. "Applying extremely small amounts of lubricant reduces consumption considerably compared with conventional products. Maintenance and cleaning costs are significantly reduced as well, which substantially increases the availability of the machinery."

Practical example

Chem-Trend tackled several challenges simultaneously for a major European die-caster, including frequent down time due to severe plunger and shot chamber wear, heavy surface contamination of cast components and time-consuming maintenance intervals. Moreover, excessive plunger lubricant application led to the frequent blocking of the DCM’s vacuum system which increased the risk of porosity on critical structural part applications. Finally, there were significant health, safety and environmental concerns due to the flame and smoke caused by standard plunger lubricant application.

Switching to the new MicroDoseTM plunger lubricants immediately led to the elimination of smoke and flame resulting in a significantly cleaner and safer working environment. Casting quality also increased with greatly reduced rejection rates. Comparative studies showed that plunger tip life could be increased by as much as 75% through the use of the new MicroDoseTM technology. As a result, the caster benefited from savings in plunger costs, as well as the costs associated with the downtime required to change plungers, resulting in a significant increase in profitability.


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