Reliable lubrication of ejector pins in the injection moulding process

February 10, 2011

Lusin® Lub PY 300 F high-temperature lubricant: suitable for all polymers and environmentally sound

Maisach, Germany – With Lusin® Lub PY 300 F Chem-Trend introduces a new product for the manufacture of high-temperature thermoplastics such as polyether ether ketone (PEEK). The product is specifically developed for the lubrication of ejector pins at mould temperatures of up to 270 degrees Centigrade. The transparent lubricant leaves no residues on the manufactured components and therefore helps reduce scrap rates. The product is NSF H1 registered, making it suitable for the manufacturing of products that are subject to particularly stringent food hygiene requirements.

Lusin® Lub PY 300 F can be used as a universal lubricant for ejector pins in the processing of all polymers. The product was developed to be environmentally sound and contains no solvents or silicone. The highly efficient Lusin® Lub PY 300 F can be used continuously in a temperature range of up to 270 degrees Centigrade.

“Our launch of Lusin® Lub PY 300 F underscores our commitment to the development of tailored solutions for highly specialised applications,” notes Chem-Trend global business development director for thermoplastics René Gräwe. “For many years now, Chem-Trend has been a partner that thermoplastics manufacturers can count on. Together with our customers, we are successfully meeting increasingly stringent quality, environmental and process efficiency requirements of this industry.”

Chem-Trend’s portfolio to the thermoplastics industry includes release agents, anti-corrosion agents, mould cleaners, surface cleaners, and surface degreasers. With Lusin® Lub PY 300 F Chem-Trend further expands its portfolio of efficient and environmentally sound processing auxiliaries which are also suitable for the manufacturing of products that are subject to particularly stringent hygiene requirements.

The portfolio also includes:

Lusin® Protect O 45 F (anti-corrosion agent),

Lusin® Alro OL 202 F (release agent),

Lusin® Lub O 32 F (lubricant and release agent),

Lusin® Clean L 101 F (mould cleaner),

Lusin® Clean L 52 F (surface degreaser).

Chem-Trend – 50 Years of Release Innovation

Chem-Trend is a leading global manufacturer of process chemical specialties with a main focus on high-performance mould release agents. Chem-Trend develops mould release agents used for the production of moulded components made of composites, rubber, thermoplastics, or polyurethane, die lubricants for application in the die casting industry, as well as purging compounds and inside and outside tyre paints. In addition, Chem-Trend manufactures specialized ancillary products, such as mould maintenance products, mould cleaners and mould sealers for the individual industries.

Chem-Trend has manufacturing sites and sales offices around the globe. By means of a dedicated sales force and global distribution network, Chem-Trend reaches almost all geographic markets where significant levels of manufacturing take place. Chem-Trend’s global customers benefit from the long lasting experience of Chem-Trend’s experts in regard to the materials used in the different production processes, as well as from its comprehensive service network.

Lusin® is a trademark of Chem-Trend.

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