Other Process Aids

Other Process Aids

Chem-Trend’s decades of experience in the field helping companies produce parts through a variety of different processes have lead it to develop a broad portfolio of manufacturing process aids. These products work hand-in-hand with release agents to improve the customer’s end product quality while reducing scrap and helping improve their bottom line.

  • Molding Aids

    See how our broad portfolio of “release system” components, working in conjunction with each other, helps our customers produce higher quality parts, more efficiently and cost effectively.

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  • Purge Compounds

    Our purging compounds reduce thermoplastic color changeover time and reduce waste: resulting in significant cost savings.

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  • Ancillaries for Die Casting

    The die casting process is challenging one, pushing equipment to extremes on a daily basis. Chem-Trend ancillaries for the die cast industry support in maintaining equipment in optimal condition, helping to avoid unplanned downtime and keeping machine utilization rates up.

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  • Ancillaries for Polyurethane Molding

    Our greater than 50 year history of activity in the polyurethane molding industry has allowed us to develop specialized ancillary products that address common challenges faced by those working with polyurethane.

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  • Ancillaries for Wood Fiber Pressing

    Today’s wood fiber pressing mills face increasing challenges due to a changing regulatory and market environment. Chem-Trend works continuously to develop new technologies to help panel and engineered wood product producers address those challenges.

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Case Study:

  • Color Change Challenges

    Chem-Trend Purging Compound Addresses Thermoplastics Color Change Challenges

    See how the use of Chem-Trend’s highly specialized purging compounds reduce scrap and improve efficiency.

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