Chem-Trend polyurethane molding ancillaries

Ancillary Products for Enhancing Polyurethane Molding Results

Chem-Trend® polyurethane molding aids have been developed to work together with our Chem-Trend® release agents for polyurethane in a total system approach, combining the individual strengths of each product to provide for significant improvements in your production performance. These solutions are designed to improve your end product quality, lower your overall production costs and increase your operational efficiency.

Low Pressure Mixing Head Flush Solutions for Polyurethane Molding

Chem-Trend® Head Flush Solutions can be used to effectively clean out the mixing head chamber in certain low pressure processing applications to eliminate down time for cleaning between successive shots and minimize scrap between color changes.

Anti-Squeak/Noise Reduction (NRT) Products for Polyurethane Molding

Our water-based anti-squeak products have been developed to eliminate squeaking wherever rubbing might cause noise that potentially could be heard by the end user.

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