Chem-Trend wood fiber pressing ancillaries

Wood Fiber Pressing Results Enhanced by Chem-Trend® Ancillary Products

Wood fiber pressing is a challenging operation. Mill equipment represents a significant investment and machine up-time is critical to profitability. Chem-Trend® ancillary products for the wood panel pressing industry are developed to help keep the pressing operation running smoothly while also having a positive impact on board quality.

Plate Sealers

Chem-Trend® plate/platten sealers keep critical operation surfaces cleaner, maintain board quality and reduce downtime by defending against the chemical and mechanical attacks your wood composite pressing surfaces encountered during normal operations.

Screen Primers and Sealers

Chem-Trend® screen primers and sealers are designed to enhance the performance of the release agent by reducing resin buildup and porosity and conditioning the pressing surface. Use of these ancillary product benefit operational efficiency and board quality.

Contact us to find out how our ancillary products for the wood fiber pressing industry might help your operation lower operating costs, improve board quality and increase efficiency.

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