Purging Compounds

Significantly Reduce Downtime with our Unique Line of Purge Products

The singular focus of purging compounds is to reduce equipment and manpower downtime when making a color or material change. With consistent use, purging compounds significantly reduce scrap on both color and material changes that, in turn, creates major savings in both hard and soft costs.

Injection-molding equipment can be cleaned with in-house or virgin materials. However, it takes a lot of material and time to effectively complete the transition. Chem-Trend’s purging compounds are up to twenty times more efficient at color or material changeover than these other solutions -- translating into greater operating efficiency and lower operating costs for thermoplastic processors.

40 years of experience with purging compounds

Our experience in the development of safe, high efficiency, specialized purge compounds targeted at specific applications started back in the 1970s. At that time, our Lusin® brand had already been in the marketplace for two decades and was well established for providing high quality thermoplastic processing aids throughout Europe. In fact, Lusin® brand purge compounds were some of the first purge compounds ever to be introduced into the thermoplastics processing industry.

In addition, the acquisition of the Ultra Purge business, a well-known high performance line of purging compound technologies, provides additional product and processing technologies and other business assets, strengthening Chem-Trend's product offering to the thermoplastics industry in combination with our existing Lusin® brand of purge compounds, release agents and mold maintenance products.

Today, our purging compounds have been specifically developed to efficiently support thermoplastic operations addressing;

  • Color change
  • Material change
  • Scrap reduction
  • Black dot removal
  • Streaking (ghost color after a few shots)

Broadest portfolio of purging compounds for the thermoplastic industry

Chem-Trend has developed an extensive portfolio of chemical purging compounds. The benefits of chemical purge compounds versus common mechanical purge compounds include:

  • Lack of abrasion, allowing usage to keep your barrel, screw and hot-runner assemblies safe
  • Ability to develop purge compounds designed to specifically work at peak efficiency with the materials and processes you use

The focus that we bring to the needs of our customers has led to an extensive range of purging compounds for virtually all kind of applications.

Over the years Chem-Trend has introduced:

  • A range of NSF registered products
  • Non abrasive formulations – hot runner safe
  • Purge compounds based on non-hazardous ingredients to promote high HSE standards
  • Industry standard quality procedures to produce consistent products our customers can trust

Get answers to frequently asked questions, and learn more about our Lusin® purging compound products and our Ultra Purge™  product line and how they can optimize thermoplastics processing operations for all your applications.

Industry leadership because of customer focus

We are recognized as a leader in the development of high performance purge compounds. Our primary focus in the development of these purge compounds has always been to reduce our customer’s costs by reducing scrap levels, and reducing both machine and operator downtime.

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