Chem-Trend brands for molding and casting

Multiple brands with a singular focus: addressing processing challenges to improve productivity

Our brands are well known and respected within the industry segments that they serve. Their reputations for performance and value go back decades, but they continually evolve through our dedication to a deep understanding of industry needs coupled with our focus on innovation.

  • Chem-Trend®

    Our Chem-Trend® branded products serve multiple industry segments including die cast, polyurethane, tire manufacturing and wood composite. Although there are hundreds of individual products developed to cover a wide range of applications, each specialized Chem-Trend product is created with the same goal in mind: improve the operating efficiency of those in molding and casting operations who utilize them.

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  • Chemlease®

    Chemlease® has been a leading brand within the composites industry for thirty years. It has brought forth some of the most innovative release systems available to help composite molders increase efficiency and advance the industry. The brand continues to provide some of the most advanced products available in the industry from both a technical and environmentally conscious perspective.

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  • Lusin®

    Lusin® began as a pioneer in the developing thermoplastics industry in the early 1950s. Since then it has developed a reputation for excellence and quality. Today, it leads the way in the advancement of specialized products for helping customers gain production efficiencies and protecting critical tooling investments. Lusin® purging compounds, mold maintenance products and release agents are technologically advanced to meet the challenges found in today’s thermoplastic processing operations.

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  • Mono-Coat®

    The Mono-Coat® brand of products can be found in some of the most advanced rubber molding operations around the globe as well as in rotational molding facilities producing a wide range of products for industrial and consumer uses. Mono-Coat® semi-permanent release agents became change agents within industry by introducing significant efficiency advantages to the molders of rubber and rotationally molded components. Mono-Coat® semi-permanent technology allows for the replacement of conventional, apply-every-cycle, release agents to increase output efficiency. The brand expanded to also include beneficial mold protectants that enhance the advantages of release agents and increase operational efficiency.

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  • Ultra Purge™

    The Ultra Purge™ brand of products includes high performance purging compound technologies and solutions for thermoplastics processors in markets across the globe.

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  • Zyvax®

    Zyvax® has been a leader in the development of highly effective, easy-to-use products for the composites industry for decades. The name is well recognized in the advanced composites and aerospace fields for its leadership position in the advancement of environmentally conscious, water-based release system technologies.

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