Cleaners and Degreasers Optimized for Addressing Thermoplastic Processing Needs

Lusin® cleaners and degreasers have been developed to keep thermoplastics processing molds and equipment in optimum working condition, promoting high quality part production and maximum operational efficiency.

For more information, watch these videos for application tips and techniques to properly care for your molds with Chem-Trend's Lusin® cleaners and degreasers:

Lusin® Clean L 11

Lusin® Clean L 11 is a degreaser/cleaner that is specially adapted to dissolve oil, grease and wax residue, remove ink and glues and clean surfaces thoroughly.  It provides short drying times and is developed to be non-aggressive against plastic and rubber.

Lusin® Clean L 101 F

Lusin® Clean L 101 F is NSF registered according to the K1, K3 category codes and is designed to provide maximum cleaning efficiency at higher molding temperatures. It removes polymer and pigment residue with a rapid cleaning effect for mold temperatures up to 150°C (300°F).

The products listed here do not necessarily represent Chem-Trend’s full product offering. Other products may be available in your region which better suit your particular application. Please consult with your local Chem-Trend representative to assure that the product you are interested in is the most suitable for your needs and that you obtain the most up-to-date information.

Not all products listed are available in all regions of the world. Certain products may not be available in all forms (concentrate, ready-to-use, aerosol, etc.) in all regions of the world. Due to occasional changes in product offerings, product specifications may vary. In certain regions of the world the actual product name may vary slightly and contain additional letters at the end (suffix).

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