Lubricants that Protect Thermoplastic Processing Equipment and Boost Productivity

Lusin® lubricants have been developed to help thermoplastics processers keep equipment in optimum condition, promoting operational efficiency and extending the useful life of significant production assets.

For more information, watch this video for application tips and techniques to properly care for your molds with Chem-Trend's Lusin® products.

Lusin® Lub O 32 F

Lusin® Lub O 32 F is a lubricant which also acts as a release agent, and is designed for use in the packaging industry. When Lusin® Lub O 32 F is applied to the outside surface of PET preforms it significantly reduces scratches to the plastic surfaces that occur during transport and handling. The blocking of bottles during transport using air conveyors can also be reduced to a minimum by means of coating the preforms or the final bottles with Lusin® Lub O 32 F.

With regard to the PIC process (process integrated coating) using Steidle spray equipment, Lusin® Lub O 32 F can be applied as a lubricant on the outside of preforms or bottles.

Lusin® Lub PZO 152

Lusin® Lub PZO 152 is an ejector pin lubricant that is available both as paste for maintenance applications and as a spray for production applications. It spreads easily, is resistant to high pressure, prevents stick slip and is resistant to hot water and steam. Lub PZO 152 is suitable up to 150°C (300°F), protects against corrosion and is resistant to alkaline and acid media.

The products listed here do not necessarily represent Chem-Trend’s full product offering. Other products may be available in your region which better suit your particular application. Please consult with your local Chem-Trend representative to assure that the product you are interested in is the most suitable for your needs and that you obtain the most up-to-date information.

Not all products listed are available in all regions of the world. Certain products may not be available in all forms (concentrate, ready-to-use, aerosol, etc.) in all regions of the world. Due to occasional changes in product offerings, product specifications may vary. In certain regions of the world the actual product name may vary slightly and contain additional letters at the end (suffix).

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