Protective Agents that Extend the Useful Life of Thermoplastic Processing Equipment

Lusin® protective agents have been developed to help thermoplastics processers keep equipment in optimum condition, promoting operational efficiency and extending the useful life of significant production assets.

For more information, watch these videos for application tips and techniques to properly care for your molds with Chem-Trend's Lusin® cleaners and degreasers:

Clean and Degrease a Disassembled Mold
Degrease a Built-In Mold

Lusin® Protect G 31

Lusin® Protect G 31 is a multi-purpose product that is both an anti-corrosive agent as well as a lubricant which can also act as a release agent. It is available as a red dry film to allow for confirmation of film coverage, or it is also available in a stable transparent film form. This wax-based protective agent is easy to remove while providing a film that; is resistant to degradation from handling, has UV light sensitive pigments to allow homogeneity of application  and provides lasting protection against corrosion.

Lusin® Protect G 31 F

Lusin® Protect G 31 F is a highly efficient, long lasting and easily removable anti-corrosion agent. The composition of the product enables it to penetrate into very fine cracks, and additionally to exhibit lubricating properties. Lusin® Protect G 31 F is considered a food-grade lubricant and conforms to NSF H1 category code and also complies with FDA 21 CFR §178.3570.

The products listed here do not necessarily represent Chem-Trend’s full product offering. Other products may be available in your region which better suit your particular application. Please consult with your local Chem-Trend representative to assure that the product you are interested in is the most suitable for your needs and that you obtain the most up-to-date information.

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