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Composites molding cleaners to protect your investments and boost productivity

Zyvax® mold cleaners are designed to keep molds and tooling in peak working condition allowing composites molding facilities to maximize operational efficiency while producing high quality parts and protecting key assets.

Zyvax® FreshStart™

FreshStart™ is a solvent-free cleaner that is effective in removing most contaminants and semi-permanent release coatings on both new and existing tools. FreshStart™ can also be used to prepare parts for secondary bonding, painting, or other processing that usually requires a clean surface.

Zyvax® SurfaceCleaner

SurfaceCleaner is specially designed to aid in the preparation of new and used molds and plugs prior to treatment with Zyvax® mold conditioners and release agents. It can also be used to clean tooling as it readily removes waxes and other surface contaminants.

Zyvax® WaterClean

WaterClean is an environmentally conscious cleaner developed to provide an effective water-based alternative to solvent washing for the removal of surface contaminants. WaterClean won’t harm the surface; eliminating sanding and/or solvent washing when preparing parts for painting, bonding or other processes that require a completely clean surface.

The products listed here do not necessarily represent Chem-Trend’s full product offering. Other products may be available in your region which better suit your particular application. Please consult with your local Chem-Trend representative to assure that the product you are interested in is the most suitable for your needs and that you obtain the most up-to-date information.

Not all products listed are available in all regions of the world. Certain products may not be available in all forms (concentrate, ready-to-use, aerosol, etc.) in all regions of the world. Due to occasional changes in product offerings, product specifications may vary. In certain regions of the world the actual product name may vary slightly and contain additional letters at the end (suffix).

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