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A robust portfolio of mold release solutions designed for composites molding applications

Zyvax® brand mold release agents have been developed specifically to address the needs of molders of composites materials. A wide variety of choices are available to allow for finding a release agent optimized for your process.

Zyvax® 1070W

Zyvax® 1070W is a silicone-free, water-based release agent specifically formulated to meet the high performance requirements of the aerospace industry. It is suitable for use with all tooling types and molding processes used in the fabrication of advanced composite and metal bonded structures. Zyvax® 1070W also has unique tack properties which aid in the layup of prepregs and surface plys, and the automated application of tape laying and fiber placement. The product is specifically designed to help minimize buildup and both keep tools clean and make their clean-up easier and less time consuming. For more information, watch this video about our new revolutionary mold release agent for aerospace composites.

Zyvax® CompositeShield™

CompositeShield™ is a high performance, semi-permanent release coating specifically formulated for use with advanced molding materials, such as; polyester, fiberglass, epoxy, graphite composites, polyimides, polybismaleimides, polyethylenes, polycarbonates and other various thermoset and thermoplastics materials.

Zyvax® Departure™

Departure™ release agent has been specifically formulated to meet the high performance requirements of the advanced composites industry by providing consistent, effortless releases without buildup on the tool. Departure™ is a versatile, solvent-free polymer that chemically bonds to the tool surface. It has been certified by the South Coast Air Quality Management District meeting stringent requirements on low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), no HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants), no ODCs (Ozone Depleting Chemicals) and no GWCs (Global Warming Compounds).

Zyvax® EnviroShield™

EnviroShield™ is a versatile semi-permanent solvent-free release agent. It is recommended for applications requiring superior surface finish with high gloss. EnviroShield™ can be used for releasing epoxies, phenolics, polyester resins, polyamides, polybismaleimides, various rubbers and elastomers.

Zyvax® TakeOff™

Zyvax® TakeOff­™ is a semi-permanent, water-based release agent for all resin systems in advanced composite molding. It is a ready-to-use product that cures rapidly and is suitable for all varieties of molding techniques. TakeOff™ is an environmentally conscious product that provides minimal transfer of release agent, high temperature stabilitiy, high abrasion resistance and is capable of multiple releases.

Zyvax® WaterShield™

WaterShield™ is a high performance solvent-free polymer release agent that has been created to give multiple releases while exceeding the most demanding environmental requirements. WaterShield™ can be used on molds that are exposed to wear or abrasion during the molding and de-molding processes.

The products listed here do not necessarily represent Chem-Trend’s full product offering. Other products may be available in your region which better suit your particular application. Please consult with your local Chem-Trend representative to assure that the product you are interested in is the most suitable for your needs and that you obtain the most up-to-date information.

Not all products listed are available in all regions of the world. Certain products may not be available in all forms (concentrate, ready-to-use, aerosol, etc.) in all regions of the world. Due to occasional changes in product offerings, product specifications may vary. In certain regions of the world the actual product name may vary slightly and contain additional letters at the end (suffix).

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