Helping to Reduce Waste and Improve Efficiency in Thermoplastic Blown Film Operations

The manufacture of plastic film for products such as shopping bags is achieved using a blown film line. This process is the same as a regular extrusion process – up until the point of the die. The die for the blown film process is an upright cylinder with a circular opening similar to a pipe die. The diameter can be a few centimeters (less than an inch) to more than three meters (10 feet) across. The molten plastic is pulled upwards from the die by a pair of nip rolls 3 to 20 meters (12 – 60 feet or more) above the die, spaced to properly cool the film.

Blown film processing has a unique set of challenges for thermoplastic processors. Screw and barrel assemblies used for blown film extrusion suffer from the normal effect of carbonization build up, and can also experience high scrap rates and slow change-over times when switching colors. The lips and drums of the blown film line also normally experience the buildup of polymer contaminations. All of these add cost to processing operations and reduce efficiency.

Over fifty years of Lusin® product development experience has allowed Chem-Trend to establish a set of uniquely formulated products for the specifics of blown film operations. We realize the impact that our products can have both on the efficiency of the process and the quality of the end products. This is the focus of our development of a wide range of purging compounds (to see how they work, watch this video), release agents, lubricants, cleaners and protective materials for the blown film industry. These products were developed to increase quality and productivity while minimizing any adverse impact on the environment, thus adding overall value to your bottom line.

To learn more about how the products that we have developed to support thermoplastic blown film operations can help you, read our main Purge Compounds, Mold Maintenance Products and Mold Release Agent pages, or contact us directly to speak with one of our experts.

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