Many Extrusion Processes, One Molding Expert

The process of forming and molding parts through extrusion is utilized with a wide range of raw materials to make many different types of end products and sub components. Chem-Trend has extensive experience working with customers utilizing extrusion with metal and thermoplastics. Our depth of experience allows us to develop products that help reduce waste, increase efficiency and improve part quality.

Metal Extrusion

Thixomolding is a type of metal extrusion process that involves metal chips being partially melted and extruded. This type of process is also frequently referred to as semi-solid casting. Based upon our extensive history in die cast and other metal working industries we have been able to offer solutions for the semi-solid casting process. To learn more about our expertise in this area read our section on metal extrusion or contact us directly to learn how our expertise can be put to work for you.

Thermoplastic Extrusion

The extrusion process relating to thermoplastics covers a wide range of thermoplastic operations. There is sheet/film extrusion, blown film extrusion and tubing extrusion just to name a few. We understand the challenges of thermoplastic extrusion and we recognize the diversity of processes and raw materials. We also realize the impact that this diversity can have both on the efficiency of the process and the quality of the end products. We have developed solutions specifically for the extrusion of thermoplastics. To learn more about our expertise in this area read the section of this website on thermoplastic extrusion or contact us directly to be connected with one of our thermoplastic experts.

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