Solutions for Thixomolding or Semi-solid Casting Forms of Metal Extrusion

Metal extrusion is the process by which long straight metal parts are produced. The cross-sections that can be produced vary from solid round, rectangular, to L-shapes, T-shapes and tubes. This type of extrusion is done by squeezing solid metal in a closed cavity through a tool, known as a die, using either a mechanical or hydraulic press. It can be carried out at room temperature or at temperatures close to 70% of the melting point of the metal used. Chem-Trend does not offer any products for the metal extrusion process.

Chem-Trend does, however, develop and offer products for a different type of metal extrusion known as Thixomolding. When metal chips are partially melted and extruded, the process is usually referred to as semi-solid casting, or Thixomolding. We do offer solutions for the semi-solid casting process.

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