Improving Thermoplastic Extrusion Efficiency and Reducing Process Waste

In thermoplastic extrusion, plastics are molded in one continuous process by a specially shaped nozzle. Thermoplastic extrusion is a very broad category and almost every type of thermoplastic process, with the exception of rotational molding, utilizes an extrusion process. However, for the purposes of developing processing aids for thermoplastic extrusion the category can be broken down into three main sub-categories;

  • Pipe & Profile
  • Sheet
  • Film
    • Cast
    • Blown

Calendering is also a smaller sub-category of extrusion where a system of successively arranged and heated polished rollers made ​​from chilled cast iron or steel is utilized. In the calendering process, melted plastic is passed through columns of these rollers to produce plastic films (PVC, PE, PS, etc.).

At Chem-Trend, we not only understand the wide variety of extrusion processes as they relate to thermoplastics, but we also understand the variety of challenges that multiple processes and the diverse raw materials bring to thermoplastic operations. We have developed unique, robust, formulated products to help you overcome those challenges. Challenges like screw and barrel carbonization, color change-overs, process contamination, part quality, tool maintenance and machine down-time. Our products are developed to positively impact both the efficiency of your process and the quality of your products.

The history of the Lusin® brand within the thermoplastic industry started well over five decades ago, and we draw upon that experience every day as we work to solve production problems faced by our customers around the globe. Recognizing that the needs of thermoplastic processing aids were not at the forefront of many chemical suppliers, Chem-Trend embarked upon a program of continuous investment to further enhance the efficiency of our Lusin® products for the global marketplace. Today we supply some of the world’s leading purging compounds, release agents, lubricants, cleaners and protective materials that are designed to address the challenges of the world’s most demanding extrusion processes.

To learn more about how we can help you, read our main Purge Compounds, Mold Maintenance Products and Mold Release Agents pages or contact us directly to speak with one of our thermoplastic industry experts. If you don’t see your extrusion application or need mentioned, contact us and we can review your process together and determine a custom solution for you.

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