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Meeting the Challenges of Molding Integral Skin Foam

Integral skin foam is fairly common in the polyurethane industry and is used in a number of markets, including automotive interiors, furniture parts, and recreational/utility vehicle components. One of the biggest challenges in producing release agents for integral skin applications is the need to impart a finished surface appearance on the molded part. In addition to this challenge, and to that of ease of release, many integral skin applications have gloss and color matching requirements that must be met. In the absence of post-mold cosmetic processes, the mold release agent is often relied upon to provide the proper part appearance.

Chem-Trend products for such applications meet our customers' manufacturing, environmental and safety requirements. They can be used with or without in-mold paints. In addition, we offer products with low-gloss or high-gloss capabilities. Our products have excellent release performance that reduces sticking in the mold’s injection ports and vent holes. We can custom formulate either solvent- or water-based products that provide a dry surface, consistent appearance and gloss with no marring on the surface.

Solutions for Integral Skin Foam Manufacturing

Our mold release agents provide a competitive advantage to manufacturers of integral skin components. Our water- or solvent-based release agent solutions maximize productivity while meeting the most demanding specifications and operating conditions. Chem-Trend release agents for integral skin provide:

  • Excellent part release
  • Optimal surface finish quality based on customer specifications
  • Compatibility with secondary operations such as gluing and painting
  • Lower scrap rates
  • Cleaner molds
  • Less downtime
  • Tin-free formulations where required
  • Water-based, no/low VOC emissions, cleaner safer working environments

We also offer a complete line of mold cleaners, mold sealers and preparation pastes designed to address the specific challenges of the integral skin molding process.

We have been able to develop these specific solutions because of our more than fifty years of experience working on the shop floor with all types of polyurethane molders around the world. Our collective knowledge and experience is then brought to the development process in creating solutions to industry challenges.

To learn more about our solutions for integral skin foam molding, and other polyurethane related processes, read our main Polyurethane Molding section and our brochure on Processing Aids for Integral Skin Molding, or contact us directly to be connected with one of our polyurethane industry experts.

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Improve and Protect the Quality of Your Integral Skin Parts

Achieving a high-quality surface appearance of your integral skin foam parts is crucial in your business. To support that demand, we at Chem-Trend offer a full range of high-quality processing aids.



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