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Release Agents for the Pultrusion of Composites

Products such as construction I-beams that are produced by composite pultrusion benefit from the use of internal mold release agents during the process. Specially-developed Chemlease® internal release agent products, when mixed directly into the resin, provide beneficial internal lubrication. The internal release agents work at the die orifice, resulting in both faster extrusion rates and reduced die wear.

The benefits of utilizing an internal release agent for the pultrusion process translate into longer die life and a more efficient process. Chem-Trend has spent more than 50 years developing products that focus on efficiency gains in manufacturing processes, such as pultrusion, through the use of highly tailored release agents and related products. These products provide a positive impact on operational expenses for our customers around the globe. We help reduce scrap, improve product quality, reduce downtime and increase production efficiency.

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