Rigid polyurethane foam parts

Solutions for Rigid Polyurethane Molding Challenges

Polyurethane rigid foam systems are used as an insulating foam material in construction (entry doors) and appliance (refrigerators, freezers, etc.) applications. In addition, polyurethane rigid foam systems are also used to make faux wood and furniture moldings. Rigid polyurethane is sometimes also used together with composite technology as a core and then covered with composite material such as fiberglass to reduce weight. Applications of this technology range from wind-blades for the wind power industry to a spoiler on a car (to learn about release agents for the molding of composite materials, read our main Composite Molding applications page). Chem-Trend’s decades of experience in both the polyurethane and composites industries have taught us that post treatment requirements have to be considered when developing release agents used in making rigid foam parts. Before bonding a composite outer later to a rigid foam core, the core may need to be roughed or cleaned in order to get better adhesion and the mold release agent must be compatible with the bonding process.

Customers may also be using a low mold temperature in their application. If this is the case, the type of solvent and release agents must be carefully considered during development. In addition, customers are now looking for more environmentally friendly release agent technology such as high-solids products, which will help reduce usage or water-based products that are considered VOC free (volatile organic compound).

50 Years of Experience with Polyurethane Release Agents

Chem-Trend offers environmentally friendly release agents for a variety of rigid polyurethane molding applications, including automotive energy-absorbing components, rigid foam board insulation, taxidermy, flowerpots, and decorative architectural moldings to name a few. With over 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing mold release agents and related products for the polyurethane industry, Chem-Trend knows how to develop the right release products for your application. These products provide excellent release, and create uniform foam surfaces that enhance other post-molding operations, such as painting or bonding to other substrates.

Our products add value by reducing processing time, improving release ease, providing a product compatible with secondary operations, and providing a safe, environmentally friendly option. Our products can be formulated as water- or solvent-based and can come in concentrate form or ready-to-use. We can provide chemistries that are silicone free depending on your particular needs. At Chem-Trend we can custom formulate mold release agents, mold cleaners and mold preparation pastes to add productivity, quality and overall value to your bottom line.

To find out more about our range of solutions for ridged polyurethane molding, and other polyurethane applications, read our main Polyurethane Molding section, or contact us to speak with a polyurethane industry expert.

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