Customized Solutions for Thixocasting Challenges

In Thixocasting, a solid billet with a globular grain structure is prepared by stirring the melt first while the billet is being cast, and then supplied to the die caster. This billet is then reheated to the semi-solid temperature (between the solidus and liquidus temperatures of the alloy) by the die caster, using an induction furnace. It is then placed in a shot sleeve and injected into the die cast machine.

Since the melt is partly solidified, proper thermal control of the die is essential to ensure proper filling of the die cavity. In some alloys the solidified particles can also be quite abrasive. Chem-Trend die lubricants work well for these applications, as they are designed and able to regulate the solidification of the melt during filling, as well as resist erosion by the melt.

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