Experience Driven Solutions for the Spray Skin Process

Spray polyurethane skin is the process of spraying a thin film of elastomeric polyurethane (PU) on to a mold. When the PU cures, the film is peeled off of the mold in a single sheet (skin) and finished with a variety of post mold processes. From a PU system point of view, PU spray skin and integral skin PU are very different systems; however, the two systems share some processing similarities.

The biggest similarity is the use of in-mold paint to color the finished part. In both processes, in-mold paint is applied to the mold surface after the mold release application and before introduction of the PU system. Therefore, it is the paint surface that is actually being released from the mold. PU spray skins require the same gloss and color matching attributes as PU integral skin, and since the in-mold coatings are very similar in both processes, many of the same release technologies will work. PU spray skin processes are used to make large, thin, highly visible parts where an injection molding process cannot be counted on to consistently fill out the mold cavity. Some examples include automotive dashboards and interior door panels.

Chem-Trend offers products for spray skin molding applications that meet our customers' manufacturing, environmental and safety requirements. The products can be used with or without in-mold paints. In addition, we offer products with low-gloss as well as high-gloss capabilities. All of our products have excellent release performance. We can custom formulate products that are either water- or solvent-based and provide a dry surface, consistent appearance and gloss with no marring on the surface.

Mold Release Agents and Related Products

Our mold release agents provide:

  • Excellent part release
  • Optimal surface finish quality
  • Compatibility with secondary operations
  • Lower scrap rates
  • Cleaner molds
  • Less downtime
  • Water-based, no/low VOC emissions, cleaner safer working environments
  • Tin-free formulations where required

Chem-Trend also offers a complete line of mold cleaners, sealers and preparation pastes for spray skin applications.

We have been able to develop an extensive array of products that are instrumental in helping our customers produce more efficiently with lower scrap rates. We have accomplished this by having over fifty years of experience of working on the shop floor at customer’s polyurethane molding facilities around the globe. This direct experience in working in partnership with our customers to understand and overcome the challenges of different polyurethane molding processes means that you get quality products that provide added value.

To learn more about our experience in the polyurethane industry and the products that we develop and manufacture to aid in the spray skin molding process read our main Polyurethane Molding section, or contact us directly.

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