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Molding new, or retreading used tires presents very strong challenges that can easily result in defective finished tires, inefficiency and increased manufacturing costs.

Some of the challenges facing producers of new tires include:

  • Proper location of the uncured (green) tire during the shaping process.
  • Evacuating trapped air from between the tire inner liner and the bladder.
  • Optimizing air-bleed between the tire and the mold.
  • Release of tires with complicated tread patterns and sticky tread compounds.
  • Reducing mold fouling on tire molds.
  • Minimizing curing press downtime.

As the world’s leading supplier of release agents to the global tire industry, Chem-Trend understands these challenges and works to continually develop innovative solutions aimed at helping our customers produce high quality tires more efficiently. We also apply our many years of expertise in the development of the industry’s premier molding solutions for tire manufacturing to the retreading industry.

Chem-Trend provides the tire industry with the most extensive range of release agents available for the process of curing and retreading tires. We often work in partnership with our customers to develop an optimized product for their particular requirements. Our portfolio includes;

Release Agents for New Tire Molding

Inside Tire Paints

  • Filled inside tire paints
  • Specialty filled inside tire paints
  • Unfilled inside tire paints
  • Durable inside tire paints

Outside Tire Paints

Outside tire paints are applied to the outside of each tire, prior to vulcanization, to provide improved air-bleed and rubber flow, as well as to enhance the finished tire appearance.

Tire Mold Treatments

Tire mold treatments are applied to the surface of tire molds to help minimize mold fouling, aid rubber flow, assist in the release of the tire from the mold at the end of the cure cycle and to enhance finished tire appearance.

Tire Curing Bladder Treatments

Chem-Trend’s tire curing bladder treatments protect the working surface of the curing bladder against chemical and abrasion attack.

Release Agents for the Tire retreading Process

Chem-Trend understands the uniqueness of the processes used in the retreading industry and has developed solutions to help improve process efficiency, particularly in the areas of molding of pre-cured treads and treating curing envelopes.

Mold Treatments for molding pre-cured tread strips

Chem-Trend mold treatments have been developed to help reduce the number of times a mold needs treating per shift. These coatings not only improve process efficiency and reduce the amount of material used; they also lead to a better surface appearance of the finished tread.

Curing Envelope Treatments

A highly innovative room temperature curing envelope treatment has also been developed with the specific aim of improving the efficiency of the tire retreading process. The coating provides excellent slip so the curing envelope complies with the contours of the tread pattern and tire shape when the vacuum is pulled.

To learn more about how we can put our expertise to work in helping you reduce scrap and improve efficiency visit the appropriate pages below, or contact us directly.

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