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Release Agents Improve Manufacturing Efficiency, Reduce Overall Cost.

Release agents are an integral part of many manufacturing processes. They are often necessary, but are not frequently understood for the value that they can add. Specialty release agents can enhance productivity, extend tool/die/mold life, increase cycle times, improve part/surface quality and reduce scrap and defect rates, just to name a few of the many potential benefits.

Chem-Trend is a global leader in the development of value-adding specialty release agents. We offer an expansive portfolio of release agents tailor-made for many different industrial applications. Our line of release agents includes water-based and solvent-based products as well as silicone and silicone-free products in semi-permanent or apply-every-cycle product formulations. We develop specialized products based on the needs of our customers and the markets they serve. Our focus is on providing release agents that create value for our customers by not only providing solutions to overcoming their manufacturing challenges, but by also leveraging the power that release agents offer to improve operational efficiencies and product quality.

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A range of release agent options to meet your particular molding requirements

Every molding process is unique in some way, so it only makes sense that no single release agent can address every type of process. As such, Chem-Trend offers a wide variety of release agent options that are suited to address your specific needs and optimize your results. Release agents (parting agents, form lubricants) can be categorized in several different ways and many different varieties are available within each category.

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Mold release attributes matched to customer needs and expectations

Working directly with our customers for more than fifty years, we have developed a wide variety of mold release agents (parting agents, form release agents) that possess different attributes for different applications, materials and requirements. All of our release agents are designed to fulfill the needs of the specific manufacturing process being addressed. The impacts our release agents can have are broadly summarized as follows:

  • High release ease
  • Higher quality parts
  • Lower scrap rates
  • Low, or no, VOC emissions
  • Cleaner molds
  • Cleaner, safer environments
  • Less downtime
  • Optimization of cycle time
  • Very low transfer (contamination) of the release agent to the molded part when desired (in situations where gloss level or anti-squeak properties are required, we can control the preferred level of transfer to the finished part)
  • Low level of in-mold buildup or mold fouling
  • Promotion of material flow where needed
  • Slip levels between mold and molded part that can cope with extreme mold geometry (optimal mold surface wetting properties to cover the toughest mold geometries)
  • Optimal, consistent, surface finish quality based on customer specifications
  • Reduction of post-mold operations due to compatibility with secondary operations such as gluing, painting or welding

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Sustainable process aids with low environmental impact

Chem-Trend has long been aware of and placed a priority on the need to minimize environmental impact. As a company, environmental responsibility is woven into our everyday and long-term business practices and Chem-Trend does its utmost to improve the health, safety and environmental (HSE) aspects of its facilities, products and the operations of its customers.

Our development of the first commercially viable water-based die lubricant back in the 1950s had an immense impact on the HSE aspects of die cast facilities by removing the use of graphite and/or solvents in the die lubricants that were widely used at that time. This pioneering industry change to a water-based lubricant resulted in greatly reduced smoke, black soot and high flammability that were inherent in the process.

Our latest mold release solutions follow our early standards for innovative breakthroughs and are again leading the way in HSE and sustainability endeavors. For example, we are developing more advanced release agents that use raw materials derived from renewable vegetable sources, and high efficiency products that reduce the general burden on the environment from overall production and transport.

Chem-Trend also continues to respond to general industry concerns about the environmental impact of VOCs in solvent-based mold release agents, and we have been leading the way in the development of multiple alternative solutions to address this issue. One such solution is our advancement of water-based technologies that contain low or no VOCs. We are committed to exploring and developing the best ways to provide our customers with unsurpassed products to suit their specific process and parameter requirements while also facilitating their compliance with stricter environmental regulations and meeting goals for improving sustainability.

If you need more information on release agents that do not use materials found on the REACH restricted materials list, or you need assistance with a VOC reduction project, then contact us. Call and speak with one of our industry experts, or explore the expanded content below to learn more about our industry leading products and technical support.

  • Conventional

    Chem-Trend’s broad portfolio of conventional release agents has been developed to address the specific requirements of a wide range of applications and processes.

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  • Semi-Permanent

    Chem-Trend’s semi-permanent release agents offer the potential for significant efficiency gains.

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  • Silicone-Free

    Chem-Trend’s silicone-free release agents can reduce post-molding processes, providing an opportunity for users to become more efficient and reduce production costs.

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Common Questions:

  • What are the main functions of a mold release agent?

    Mold release agents provide not only a physical and/or chemical barrier as the means of separation between the material being molded and the mold surface, but also impact process characteristics like the flow rate of the material being molded within the mold cavity, molding cycle time and, of course, release ease. The choice of mold release agents also affects finish characteristics of the released part like gloss level, accurate texture reproduction, post molding operations (e.g. adhesion or coating of the molded part) in addition to influencing the mold service life in between maintenance cycles, and overall productivity.

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