Case Studies

Case Studies

Chem-Trend’s focus has always been on providing our customers with notable value. Our long history in this respect has allowed us to collect many examples of our success in these efforts.

  • High Efficiency Water-Based Solution

    Composite Molding

    See how Chem-Trend developed water-based products that provided consistent results, and improved environmental conditions, for a leading manufacturer.

  • Ancillary Products Add Value

    Die Casting

    See how Chem-Trend was able to reduce a customer’s operational costs through process knowledge and superior product performance.

  • Die Lubricant Improves Operating Efficiency

    Die Casting

    Learn how Chem-Trend's die lubricant saves money and greatly improves operational efficiency.

  • Improved Productivity through Product Innovation

    Die Casting

    Learn how Chem-Trend’s innovations in release technology perform, bringing about productivity gains for our customers.

  • New Plunger Lubricant: A "Clear" Winner

    Product Performance Leads to Operational Savings

    Die Casting

    See how Chem-Trend products perform, saving our customers money.

  • Reduced Waste in Magnesium Die Casting Operations

    Die Casting

    Looking for increased productivity and material and energy usage cost savings? Learn how Chem-Trend's water-based die lubricant can help.

  • A Clean Approach to VOC Requirements

    Polyurethane Molding

    See how Chem-Trend’s customers depend on them to solve their industry challenges.

  • Adding Value through Process Improvements

    Polyurethane Molding

    See how Chem-Trend’s deep understanding of molding processes and application know-how add value to our customer’s operations.

  • Release Agent Innovation Helps Customer Address Challenges

    Polyurethane Molding

    See how Chem-Trend’s R & D teams perform to help customers gain benefits while overcoming industry hurdles.

  • Environmental Approach + Efficiency Gains = Value Added Contributions

    Rubber Molding

    Learn more about an environmental approach to increased efficiency and reduced operational costs.

  • Release Agent Change Improves Profitability

    Rubber Molding

    Learn how Chem-Trend worked with a rubber conveyor belt manufacturer to improve profitability, increase productivity and reduce downtime.

  • Release Agent Change Supports Business Growth

    Rubber Molding

    Learn how Chem-Trend's custom-formulated release agent coupled with an improved dilution process and changed mixing equipment led to increased output for a global manufacturer of heavy and light duty brake pads.

  • Superior Product Performance Brings Multiple Benefits

    Rubber Molding

    See how the Chem-Trend organization performs across multiple parameters to bring benefits to the customer.

  • Chem-Trend Purging Compound Addresses Thermoplastics Color Change Challenges

    Color Change Challenges

    Thermoplastic Processing

    See how the use of Chem-Trend’s highly specialized purging compounds reduce scrap and improve efficiency.

  • Chem-Trend's Lusin® Products Address Injection Molding Color Changes

    Color Changes for Injection Molding

    Thermoplastic Processing

    Learn about how to add value through the use of Chem-Trend’s highly specialized purging compounds.

  • Color Transition for Blow Molding

    Color Transition for Blow Molding

    Thermoplastic Processing

    See how the use of Chem-Trend’s highly specialized purging compounds adds value to an operation.

  • Scrap Reduction from Specialized Products

    Tire Curing/Vulcanization

    See how Chem-Trend works in partnership with customers to develop solutions that provide dependable performance.

  • Developing Products to Address Industry Challenges

    Tire Retreading

    See how Chem-Trend adds value by developing products to address production challenges.

  • Increasing Uptime and Throughput

    Wood Fiber Composites/Panel Pressing

    Learn about Chem-Trend's release agent solutions that can allow for continual board production without stoppage, increasing machine uptime and output.

  • Less Cleaning – More Producing

    Wood Fiber Composites/Panel Pressing

    Learn how Chem-Trend's tailor-made solutions can reduce customer cleaning requirements and costs.

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