• cavity
    The recess or impressions in a die in which the casting is formed.
  • cold chamber machine
    A type of high-pressure die casting machine, where the flow path through which the molten metal enters the cavity is open to ambient air. Also see hot chamber machine.
  • cold shut defect
    A surface defect of a metal casting in the form of a discontinuity where two streams failed to unite.
  • creep
    The phenomenon of continuing plastic strain over long periods of time at loads below the yield point. Creep only happens at high temperatures, which vary depending on the alloy type and composition.
  • cure cycle
    The process of converting an uncured (green) tire to a cured finished article using a heating process in a mold installed into a tire curing press.
  • cure cycle time
    The time taken to complete the cure of a tire in a curing press from the time of initial tire shaping to the time the press opens.
  • cycle time
    The time taken to complete one set of operations in a die casting machine from metal injection till it is ready for the next injection of metal.