• die casting
    Is a process in which molten metal is injected into a precisely dimensioned and reusable steel mold very quickly under high pressure, which is maintained until solidification is complete.
  • die lubricant
    Chemical formulation applied to the die to facilitate casting release and prevent soldering.
  • dilution ratio
    The ratio of water to concentrated die lubricant is referred to as the dilution ratio.
  • ductility
    Is the ability of a material to deform under application of a tensile force or to withstand plastic deformation without rupture. A measure of ductility is % elongation, which compares the increase in gage length after application of the tensile force to the initial gage length.
  • durable inside tire paint
    An inside paint that is applied to the inside of one green-tire and then transfers to the curing bladder during the cure cycle to provide a reservoir of slip and release for several more untreated green tires before replenishment becomes necessary. Also see inside tire paint.