• impact strength
    The ability of a material to withstand shock loading.
  • inside tire paint
    A coating applied to the inside of green tires, prior to cure. These provide the needed slip for the curing bladder to locate centrally within the tire, as well as aid with the evacuation of air trapped between the bladder and the inside of the tire. They also provide release from the curing bladder at the end of the curing cycle. Also see; filled inside tire paint, unfilled inside tire paint and durable inside tire paint.
  • intensification
    Is the process of applying pressure through the piston in a die cast machine, after the cavity is filled and while solidification is taking place.
  • investment casting
    Is a process where the shape to be cast is initially molded in wax, which is then replaced with molten metal. Also called lost-wax casting. Also see lost foam casting.