• thixocasting
    Is a process that requires specially processed billet material that is reheated to the semi-molten state just before injection. Also see thixomolding, semi-solid casting and rheocasting.
  • thixomolding
    Is a semi-solid casting process that uses metal chips which are fed into the back end of a heated barrel through a volumetric feeder. A screw feeder located inside the barrel feeds the metal chips forward as they are heated into the semi-solid temperature range. The screw rotation provides the necessary shearing force to generate the globular structure needed for semi-solid casting and inject the slurry into a steel die.
  • tire curing bladder treatment
    A protective coating applied to the outside of a new tire curing bladder, prior to its use. The specific aim is to protect the bladder against abrasive and chemical attack during service to enhance bladder life.
  • tire curing envelope treatment
    A coating applied to the working surface of a curing envelope, used in the retreading of tires. It ensures good slip so the envelope can readily conform to the contours of the pre-cured tread pattern, as well as provide protective film to prevent the adhesion of excess tread adhesive to the surface of the curing envelope. Both these things help to prolong the service life of the curing envelope.
  • tire curing press
    A machine into which tire molds are installed to cure vulcanize (vulcanise) the tires. There are usually two molds installed into each press.
  • tire mold (mould)
    A metal mold (mould) specifically designed with the tire tread pattern and sidewall name plates in which finished tires are formed.
  • tire mold (mould) treatment
    A coating applied to a hot tire mold (mould) to help improve rubber flow and protect against the build-up of mold (mould) fouling, which in turn improves finished tire appearance.
  • tire retreading
    A process in which a new tread is applied to the carcass of a used tire to enable that tire carcass to be reused. This process is typically carried out on truck and bus tires as well as earth-mover and some aircraft tires.