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Chem-Trend has some of the most experienced and talented people working on molding application challenges in the world. Their focus is on developing innovative solutions to the problems faced by our customers. As a by-product of those efforts our knowledge and technologies tend to help shape the industries that we serve, making them more productive, environmentally conscious and cost efficient. Our thought leading efforts are sometimes published in industry journals.

  • The Effect of Die Lubricant Spray on the Thermal Balance of Dies

    Die Casting

    Until recently little has been published concerning the influence of die lubricants and their application on the thermal balance of die casting dies. Learn how Chem-Trend die lubricants help thermal balance in reducing defects in the molding process.

  • die_casting_engineer_hydraulic_fluid

    Die Materials: Key Performance Criteria of Water-Glycol Hydraulic Fluids

    Die Casting

    Hydraulic fluids are the lifeblood of a die casting machine, and a quality fluid must meet many stringent performance demands. Learn more about fire resistant water-glycol hydraulic fluids and the critical role they play in system reliability.

  • Preserving Profitability, Quality & the Environment: Plunger Lubricants Can Help

    Preserving Profitability, Quality and the Environment: How Plunger Lubricants Can Help

    Die Casting

    Lowering scrap rates is crucial in managing profitability. Chem-Trend’s plunger lubricants and process aids can help. Read how our products lead the industry.

  • Water Conservation through the Utilization of Advanced Performance Die Lubricant

    Water Conservation through the Utilization of Advanced Performance Die Lubricants

    Die Casting

    Depleted sources and varying quality of water has a major impact on the die casting process and can lead some to over-dilution of die lubricants as a falsely perceived cost-saving measure. Learn how Chem-Trend can help with the proper utilization of die lubricants to facilitate increased productivity and profitability while also conserving scarce water resources.

  • Aluminium Die Casting: Lubrication Technology and Trends

    Aluminium Die Casting: Lubrication Technology and Trends

    Die Casting

    Learn how Chem-Trend solves the complex problems associated with die casting aluminum, while increasing quality and efficiency.

  • Innovative Die Lubricant Trends for Evolving Productivity and Process Requirements

    Die Casting

    Global industry trends have spurred the development of a new generation of die lubricants. Learn more about key performance criterion and the latest technology from Chem-Trend designed to address the die cast industry's challenging demands.

  • Magnesium Die Casting Lubrication Technology and Trends

    Magnesium Die Casting Lubrication Technology and Trends

    Die Casting

    High-pressure die casting (HPDC) is a very popular process for making complex mechanical parts out of light metals, learn how Chem-Trend die casting process aids and release agents improve your part quality.

  • Innovative Technologies in Mold Release Agents


    Larger and more complex parts are being cast and this brings a new set of challenges to die casters in their quest for improved quality and productivity. Chem-Trend leads in the industry in solutions for the Die Casting Industry.

  • Releasants: Attachment of Coatings and use of Anti-Static Supplemental Products


    The importance of the releasant interface in rotomolding is often overlooked and usually not given the attention it warrants. Chem-Trend products maximize this interface to performance levels that lead the industry.

  • Preparation of Molds for Rubber Molding to Ensure Smooth Start-up in Production

    Rubber Molding

    As a leader in mold maintenance products, learn how Chem-Trend products can help you prepare your molds, and extend their life, while increasing part quality and lower scrap.

  • PET Packaging Aids for the Food Processing Industry

    PET Packaging Aids for the Food Processing Industry

    Thermoplastic Processing

    Chem-Trend has been a leader in the external process materials sector, and continues to innovate with our products focused on the Packaging Aids sector. Read how we continue to build on over 50 years of value and performance with PET products.

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