Tire Manufacturing Aids

Chem-Trend is the world’s leading expert in the field of chemical molding aids for tire manufacturing

We work with the world’s largest tire manufacturers along with local and regional companies. Our products help tire producers produce more efficiently with lower scrap and defect rates.

  • Tire Paints

    Chem-Trend is the world leader in the development and production of high performance tire paints.

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  • Bladder Coatings

    Chem-Trend has led the industry in developing coatings that extend bladder life, reduce tire production defects and help reduce manufacturing costs.

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  • Mold Coatings

    Chem-Trend tire mold coatings add value by helping to minimize mold fouling, aiding in rubber flow, supporting the release qualities of the tire paints to make the release of the tires from the mold easier and enhancing finished tire appearance.

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Case Study:

  • Scrap Reduction from Specialized Products

    See how Chem-Trend works in partnership with customers to develop solutions that provide dependable performance.

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Common Questions:

  • How do I apply product to a green tire?

    Most products for the tire industry are developed for application to green tires using any of the following systems; spray gun, either automated, e.g. Ilmberger or Plummer units etc., or hand-held spray guns; paint brush; sponge or swab. The actual application technique(s) chosen by any given tire plant depends primarily on the equipment available and the logistics of the particular plant. Experienced release agent suppliers should be able to provide recommendations to improve and optimize application techniques where desired.

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