Tire curing bladder coatings

Tire Curing Bladder Coatings that Improve our Customers’ Manufacturing Efficiency

Working directly with tire producers, Chem-Trend has developed a strong awareness of the key issues that impact the efficiency, quality and cost of tire manufacturing. That’s why our tire curing bladder coatings – when applied to a new curing bladder before it is fitted to a tire curing press – are designed to be a one-time application that will survive the entire service life of any tire curing bladder. They work in conjunction with inside tire paints to improve the operational performance of the curing bladder and finished tire appearance and quality.

Chem-Trend curing bladder coatings (or treatments) help tire manufacturers produce more efficiently by:

  • Optimizing the slip properties of the inside tire paints, helping reduce the overall tire curing related defects throughout the life of the tire curing bladder
  • Providing protection against chemical and abrasion attack during service, greatly extending the life of the bladder
  • Creating permanent coatings that permit newly treated tire-curing bladders to be stored for up to one-year
  • Protecting folded bladders against ozone and UV attack
  • Facilitating the efficient start-up of new curing bladders

Tire manufacturing process aids: global leadership because of customer focus

Chem-Trend is globally recognized as a leader in the development of high technology, high performance tire curing bladder pre-treatments, having introduced tire manufacturers to the concept of curing bladder treatments well over a decade ago. Our knowledge of the tire manufacturing process led us to develop this innovative product that provides a protective layer on the curing bladder, extending bladder life. This innovation saves tire manufacturers both money and time by reducing the frequency of tire curing bladder changes. Ever since, our R&D efforts have continued to ensure that we improve our customers’ operating efficiency by producing:

  • Coatings that provide maximum slip to enhance the critical start-up period of new bladders
  • Coatings that provide sufficient slip throughout the critical first hundred tires cured on a newly fitted curing bladder
  • Coatings that significantly increase the average life of curing bladders
  • Both room temperature curing and heat cured versions to match the needs of the tire industry

The Chem-Trend line of tire curing bladder treatments brought a new way of thinking to the tire industry that created new ways to add value to our customers operations.

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Common Questions:

  • How can I increase bladder life?

    The life of tire curing bladders can be increased through the application of a curing bladder treatment, which helps to protect the bladder against chemical and abrasion attack throughout its service life. This type of attack is prevalent at the surface of the curing bladders that contacts with the beads of the tires being cured. Coatings can significantly help increase average bladder life. The choice of inside tire paint can also have a positive impact on the service life of curing bladders.

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