Chem-Trend tire mold coatings

Chem-Trend Tire Mold Coatings Help Improve Tire Manufacturing Operations

Chem-Trend’s tire mold coatings, or treatments, have been developed to; help minimize mold fouling, aid rubber flow, assist in releasing tires from the mold at the end of the cure cycle and enhancing finished tire appearance. Their usage helps keep tire molds in service longer between cleanings, thus increasing production efficiency and lowering overall operational costs.

Our semi-permanent mold coatings are available in either water-based or solvent-based formulations to suit your particular needs: 

  • Water-based mold treatments are available to be applied to tire molds at operating temperature in the curing press. The coating cures to form a semi-permanent layer that effectively “seals” the surface of the mold to aid the release of cured tires. The smooth surface that the coating imparts to the mold surface improves rubber flow, leading to sharper sidewall lettering and edges to tread blocks and channels, which in turn provide an enhanced finished tire appearance. The mold treatment also helps to delay the onset of mold fouling, allowing molds to stay in service longer between cleanings, improving productivity, mold life and positively impacting tire appearance. The film is semi-permanent, which means it releases multiple tires between applications with regular refreshment safeguarding optimum performance. 
  • Solvent-based mold treatments are specifically designed for application to the cool surfaces of molds that have been removed from the curing press for maintenance and/ or cleaning. In this type of application a solvent-based material is necessary to ensure good wetting of the cool surface and to avoid flash corrosion of the freshly cleaned metal surface. This coating, which is typically applied by spray gun, forms a protective film on the surface of the mold that guards it against corrosion during storage. The film lasts even on molds that are stored for prolonged periods. As an added benefit, Chem-Trend’s tire mold coatings do not need to be cleaned from the mold surface prior to the first tire being cured, unlike mineral oil-based materials that are sometimes used to protect molds against corrosion during storage. This additional benefit helps support increased productivity and reduce overall operational costs.

To learn more about our tire mold coatings and find out how they can help you improve your tire manufacturing operation, contact us and talk with one of our tire industry experts.

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