Pre-cure tire paints

The Broadest Portfolio of High Performance Tire Paints

Our wide variety of, both inside and outside, pre-cure tire paints are developed with the goal of improving the efficiency of the tire manufacturing process and extending the life of our customer’s critical manufacturing components, such as bladders. Our tire release product portfolio includes both filled and unfilled inside tire paints, featuring spray-every-tire and durable varieties, as well as outside tire paints. Our product line of tire paints has evolved through extensive research and development, along with our strong working relationship with tire manufacturers around the globe.

Water-based tire paints that improve our customers’ efficiency

Through our years of direct involvement with tire producers, Chem-Trend has developed a strong awareness of the key issues that impact the efficiency, quality and cost of manufacturing tires. Critical aspects that are impacted by tire release paints include:

  • Slip levels between the green tire and the bladder
  • Air bleed between the bladder and the tire
  • Rubber-to-rubber adhesion
  • Release of the molded tire from the bladder
  • Mold cleanliness
  • Finished tire appearance

Applying this experience, we formulate and manufacture tire paints which help our customers improve efficiency, tire quality and tire finish, while reducing overall process costs – no matter what processing conditions may be encountered.

Global leadership because of our customer focus

We are globally recognized as a leader in the development of high performance, pre-cure tire paints – also referred to as green tire paints, inside tire lubricants, band ply lubricants or tire treatments. Since we began producing tire paints and release agents over two decades ago, our primary focus has been to create ready-to-use products that reduce our customer’s on-line costs. Lowering curing related defect levels and scrap rates, and extending curing bladder life are a few of the ways we add value to our customers’ bottom lines. These production benefits are enhanced by our attention to helping the customer achieve optimum finished tire appearance.

This approach has been very well received by the industry and Chem-Trend has developed a reputation as a supplier of high quality, high value tire paints. In 1997 Dow Corning, recognized as a world leader in silicone technology, and Chem-Trend entered into an agreement for Chem-Trend’s purchase of Dow Corning’s Tire Releasant business and exclusive marketing rights to their three component bladder coating technology in specific geographical regions.  That agreement allowed us exclusive access to proven tire releasant technologies, and introduced our innovative way of thinking and developing new product technologies to a truly global customer base. Over the years Chem-Trend has introduced:

  • A range of very high performing, single component, durable inside tire paints that release several tires between applications
  • The first unfilled spray-every-tire inside tire paint
  • A range of specialized filled inside tire paints that reduce overall defect levels and increase bladder life
  • A range of water-based outside tire paints that are cost effective in application and provide industry leading finished tire appearance and reduced mold fouling

Our line of inside and outside tire paints has added measurable value to customers, making their operations more efficient.

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Silicone-free tire paints

Chem-Trend's new tire paints eliminate the need for the costly post-cure cleaning required in certain applications. Our family of silicone-free inside tire paints help tire manufacturers save time and money by simplifying the additional downstream processing that is required on some tires. Read more in this article that was published in the November 2017 issue of Tire Technology International.


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Common Questions:

  • What is the difference between a Filled and an Unfilled Inside Paint?

    A filled inside tire paint contains specially selected fillers. An unfilled inside paint does not contain any fillers.

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